Auditing Services

Our auditing services help clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the state and effectiveness of their operations. We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Analysis of accounting records with expert assessment
  • Independent review and examination
  • Internal and proactive auditing
  • Evaluation of investment projects
  • Due diligence procedures

The analysis of accounting records with expert assessment provides our clients with objective information on how well their business is managed. This helps identify issues and improve operational efficiency. Independent review and examination provide clients with an additional tool to identify potential problems and risks while preparing for external audits.

Internal and proactive auditing assist our clients in enhancing their internal processes and reducing risks. Our team of experts conducts analyses and suggests the most effective ways to improve internal processes, ensuring maximum business efficiency.

The evaluation of investment projects is a crucial tool for making informed decisions when selecting potential investment opportunities. We provide comprehensive evaluations of investment projects, helping clients choose the most promising and profitable investments.

Due diligence procedures are a key part of real estate transactions, stock deals, and other asset-related transactions. Our team of experts offers clients a complete assessment of business assets and risks, enabling them to make informed decisions and reduce risks during transactions.

We provide our clients with a high level of professionalism, reliability, and confidentiality in delivering all auditing services. Our work aims to ensure that the due diligence process conducted by our company provides clients with comprehensive information about the transaction’s subject, its financial condition, and associated risks.

Our auditors possess extensive experience in conducting audit reviews, and we are ready to offer our clients an individualized approach that considers the specific nature of their business and transaction.

We strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients, and therefore, our company guarantees the confidentiality of all information provided to us during the audit process.

If you are interested in our auditing services, please contact us, and we will address all your inquiries and help you select the most suitable type of audit.

Our Services and Prices:

Initiative Audit

Get a comprehensive assessment of your company’s financial condition, identify potential errors in accounting and documentation to ensure transparency and efficiency.

Price: starting from 150,000 rubles per service

Financial Audit

Examine the company’s financial statements on key issues, considering affordability, and obtain an audit report.

Price: starting from 200,000 rubles per service

Tax Audit

Conduct an audit following the methodology of tax authorities to protect your business interests. Identify and eliminate risks, optimize costs, avoid fines from the Tax Office. Exclude criminal and administrative liability.

Price: starting from 350,000 rubles per service

Auditorial Examination

Carry out an audited examination of accounting data for the past year, promptly identify and correct discrepancies and possible errors in accounting and tax records.

Price: starting from 150,000 rubles per service

Comprehensive System Audit

Identify financial reserves, provide extended guarantees, and protection against claims.

Price: starting from 450,000 rubles per service

Business Check (DUE DILIGENCE)

Conduct a business check before acquisition or prepare the company for the selling procedure.

Price: starting from 250,000 rubles per service

Consolidated Financial Statements Audit

Mandatory or initiative verification of consolidated financial statements for organizations with public significance. Make your group of companies attractive to investors and help owners make the right decisions.

Price: starting from 300,000 rubles per service

IFRS Reporting Audit

Confirm the accuracy of reporting and attract investments for efficient operation.

Price: starting from 250,000 rubles per service

Personnel Audit

Get a complete picture of the state of personnel documentation and recommendations for rectifying identified violations.

Price: starting from 80,000 rubles per service

Accounting Policy Audit

Check the accounting policy for compliance with legislation and provide recommendations for its updating. Services for the development of accounting policies tailored to your needs and preferences.

Price: starting from 20,000 rubles per service

Express Audit of Risks and Reserves

Conduct an express audit of risks and reserves to ensure order in accounting even before a tax audit and analyze high-risk operations. Provide a report with improvement recommendations.

Price: starting from 70,000 rubles per service

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance the efficiency of your business with our auditing services! Call us at +7 (499) 350-08-17 or email us at

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