Financial Reporting Services in Moscow and Across Russia

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a global reporting framework used by companies worldwide. To prepare financial statements in accordance with IFRS, specific knowledge and experience with these standards are required.

Our company offers services for transforming financial reporting into IFRS format. We can assist your company in Moscow, as well as across Russia, in transitioning to international standards, making your financial statements more transparent and comprehensible to investors.

Additionally, we provide services for preparing consolidated financial statements under IFRS. Our experienced specialists in Moscow are ready to help you prepare consolidated reports that meet all IFRS requirements.

If your company utilizes 1C:Enterprise software, we also offer support services for IFRS implementation projects within 1C:Enterprise in Moscow and other regions of Russia. We will ensure a comprehensive transition to international reporting standards within your 1C system.

We also offer consulting services for specific IFRS application questions. Our experienced specialists in Moscow can address any questions your company may have regarding the application of these standards.

Finally, we provide audit services for financial statements prepared under IFRS. We offer professional auditing in Moscow and throughout Russia to ensure that your financial reporting complies with international standards and meets investor requirements.

Our Services and Prices:

IFRS Accounting Implementation

Service for setting up accounting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Price: starting from 200,000 rubles per service

IFRS Accounting Outsourcing

Ensure reliable and professional maintenance of accounting documentation in accordance with IFRS requirements.

Price: starting from 60,000 rubles per service

Support for IFRS Implementation

Project in 1C 8 Implementation of enterprise reporting in the 1C 8 platform, ensuring accuracy and compliance with international standards.

Price: starting from 150,000 rubles per service

IFRS Reporting Audit

Confirm the accuracy of reporting and attract investments for efficient operation.

Price: starting from 250,000 rubles per service

When you choose our services, you can trust in the quality support we provide for IFRS-related matters in Moscow and across Russia. Our team of professionals is ready to help your company transition to international reporting standards, making your financial statements more understandable and transparent to investors.

Contact us at +7 (499) 350-08-17 or email us at, and our experienced specialists in Moscow will assist your company in adopting international financial reporting standards.

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